How to sign up for this wonderful trip with A&M Tours:


-Before you decide to sign up for this tour, please make sure that you have read the day-by-day itinerary and that you fully agree to our terms and conditions!



-contact A&M Tours either per email: or by Fax 1 847 424 1330 or by phone: 1 847 826 96 94. A non-refundable deposit of $ 200 is due upon signing our Participant Agreement that we will mail to you.

After you have signed the agreement and sent it back to A&M Tours, along with a check, you are now officially enrolled in the Bountiful Berlin and Potsdam Tour!


-Please note that Air Fare is NOT included in our prices and that you are responsible for booking your flights yourself. You may want to wait a bit with booking your air transportation because at this point we do not know if the tour will really take place! We are in the beginning stages of marketing it and we hope that by July of 2013 we will have enough participants to go ahead with the tour. We need a minimum of 10 participants, so please help us market the tour by telling your friends and family members about it! The more people know about it, the better!
very important: If you want to book your flights now, please make sure that you have a re-bookable or cancelable ticket!




Please note that the program price of $ 2399 is based on the Berlin Mark Hotel and accommodation per person in a Double Room! This base price does NOT include airfare!

If you want a SINGLE ROOM, you will have to add $ 300 (single supplement fee) to the base price of $ 2399.


If you want to UPGRADE to the upscale H10 Hotel, you will have to add $ 225 PER PERSON as an upgrade fee in a DOUBLE ROOM to your base price of $ 2399.

Should you want a SINGLE ROOM at the H10 Hotel, you will have to add $ 600 as a single supplement fee to the base price of $ 2399.


Please contact me at if you have any questions!








At my last tour to Berlin, in September of 2012, I had the most gratifying experience: Howard and Mary P. from Florida participated on one of my Elderhostel Tours that I created, ran, and organized in the Fall of 2001. Both widowed, they were in their early and late seventies back then and during the trip they fell in love! They got married in 2002 and came back now on one of my Opera and Music Tours to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary!

This photo was taken after our exploration of the Gemaeldegalerie Museum with me in the middle and A&M Tours Art Expert Thomas Hoffmann on the right-- and of course the happy couple Howard and Mary, now in their early and late eighties and still going strong!

I absolutely love this story and hope to be able to create such wonderful experiences and memories with many other guests in the years to come!