Anette Isaacs

A Message from Anette Isaacs, Founder and President of A&M Tours:


I am passionate about Art, Music, Travel, Education, and -- of course -- Germany! And after more than a dozen years of celebrating and promoting my native country for other travel providers, I decided to venture out on my own and to make my artistic vision a professional reality!

I believe in education and sophistication!

In a time when more and more travel companies cater to the “lowest denominator”, when even cultural tours have become more of a superficial endeavor than an in-depth celebration of the host country’s special artistic and cultural legacy, I want to make a difference!

With my company A&M Tours, I want to go back to honoring knowledge and appreciating learning! And my international staff of lecturers, guides, experts, authors, and scholars is as excited about the prospect of being able to share their expertise with you as I am.

Yes, there will be in-depth lectures, there will be guided tours, there will be round table discussion sessions, there will be exciting concerts and performances-- A&M Tours is the cultural travel provider for the thinking man and the thinking woman, for people who cherish the fact that Art, Music, and Culture make the world a better place!

 Not long ago I read an article about one of the leading cultural travel providers in Europe. They decided to adopt a new policy that banned people age 80 and over from going on their trips! I found this shockingly discriminating and non-sensical! This is not what travel, culture, and education should be all about! And especially in this day and age there are millions of people who are fit and in great shape, even though their birthday cake might be overflowing with candles... 

This incident made me even stronger in my belief that A&M Tours will be dedicated to inclusion and tolerance! We want to build community through travel and through fascinating educational experiences that will be beneficial to everybody, regardless of age!

I am delighted to have you join us on our wonderful journeys!



Anette Isaacs,

Founder and President