Berlin in 2009 during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Fall of the Wall
Please enjoy this short 90 second video introducing A&M Tours: Art and Music in Germany!

Please note:  You do not have to belong to a group or organization in order to travel with us! We sometimes we will offer a Music , Art, and Architecture Seminar for individual travelers! We do not have an age limit like other companies; we welcome families and believe in cross-generational groups! As long as we will meet our minimum of 10 registered passengers, we will run our programs! We would, of course, appreciate your help in promoting the trips: If you are interested in a tour, please tell your friends, colleagues, and family members. That way it will be much easier to fill up our departures! 



Welcome to A&M Tours: Art and Music in Germany!

Would you like to discover the beauty and fascination of Germany firsthand? 

If the answer is "yes", you came to the right place! 

We are experts in providing unique travel and educational in-depth experiences, tailor made for your group or organization! Your wishes will be our command, your interests are paramount! 

A&M Tours' Founder and President Anette Isaacs has been working in educational travel for more than a dozen years (click here for a personal message from Ms. Isaacs) and she and her team of musicologists, art historians, and historians are excited to share their profound knowledge with you! 

Whether it is Music or Art, or History-- there is just so much to discover and to see! 

We would love to hear from you! 

Contact us and then let's work on creating an unforgettable, gorgeous,  and sophisticated visit to wonderful Germany!